Legal Transaction Support

Legalexica provides professional legal translation and support services for companies in Indonesia. There are many situations that may arise when you might need legal support services. If you do not have an in-house team to assist you in these matters, this is where Legalexica can help.

Situation 1: You have just received information that a team of 10 lawyers will come to your office to conduct due diligence next week. They have just sent you a 10-page-due diligence document request checklist with questions.

You do not have the resources to set up the data room or make copies. Most importantly, you do not have the correct people to be present in the data room and make sure that the data room procedures/rules are complied with.

Situation 2: The company needs you to set up a virtual data room for an upcoming major transaction with a certain counterpart. You are overwhelmed by the volume of the documents and information required. You need a team to scan, name, and manage the flow of Q&As between their team and your team.

Should these, or any other complex situation arise, we can help you in setting up and managing your data room and data room procedures in due time. This will help the lawyers work more efficiently and effectively.

Legalexica is the preferred choice of top law firms for reliable transaction support—backed by our efficient workflow and the most carefully vetted professionals in the industry.