Translation and
Corporate Service Solution

Our Services


Professional English and Indonesian translation services for legal and corporate documents in Indonesia.

Corporate Secretarial Work

We handle the entire incorporation process, ensuring your company is registered smoothly and efficiently with the relevant authorities.

Legal Document

We offer expert drafting, review, compliance, contract management, and dedicated client support for all your needs.

Company Establishment

Reliable company establishment assistance for complete peace of mind during the registration process.

Legal Transaction Support

When complex situations arise, we provide reliable support with an efficient and effective workflow.

Digital Content

Reliable digital content services to support your corporate and legal transactions. Coming Soon.

Our Clients


The biggest Peer-to-Peer (P2P) company in Indonesia


Indonesia’s state-owned company to print banknote & coin

JAS Airport Services

The largest airport service company in Indonesia Part of CAS Group

Vinci Construction

One of the biggest EPC Companies in the world based in France


One of the biggest O&G and energy Companies in the world from England


The holding company of Mining Industries’ SOEs